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10 Things To Do To Get Settled In A New House

 With a move, a new job, and a sick mom and grandma my life has been anything but organized. In fact, I'm a little overwhelmed. What should have been a smooth transition into the new cottage has become a bit overwhelming. Everywhere I look there are unfinished projects, piles of clothes, and boxes. Enough is enough I'm declaring war on the cottage myself.

  I don't know what it is about your house and car being clean that makes you feel like you have a grip on the rest of the world. This is my list of how I'm getting it done.

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10 Things To Do To Get Settled In A New House

1. Clean the Bathroom - Clean the toilet, sink, and cabinet under the sink. Bring in the toilet paper, air freshener, and absolute necessities.

2. Stick each box labeled for each individual room in the room that it belongs in. Even if you are painting in that room stick it in their anyway. Our brains have a habit of looking for things where they naturally belong.

3. Clean the closet in every room first. This one seems most overlooked. Where are you going to put it all while you are painting and finishing up projects? In the closet. Once it goes in the closet the likelihood of it ever coming out until the next move is slim to none. So clean the closet first. Vacuum, dust, paint whatever it takes do the closet first.

4. Throw all the empty boxes you aren't saving outside in one place. Freecycle them put them on Craigslist end but get them in one spot out of your way where you know you have gone through them.

5. Clean the fridge or ice chest. Don't let this one slip. Just like when you put things in the closet and they never come out it happens in the fridge too. Let's face it... nobody likes to clean the fridge until they absolutely have to. So have to A.S.A.P. and  that's an order. Then have a margarita on me!

6. Have a designated place for trash in every room. I don't know what it is about moving in and out that produces an ungodly amount of trash. It's kind of scary! Have a place for it! Take it out often too!

7. Wash the absolute necessities in the kitchen first. A pot, skillet, knives, silverware, cooking utensils, and cutting board. Eating out adds up when you can't find what you need. This includes spices too.Don't forget the bread!

8. Set up your washer quickly. Don't wait longer than a week unless you have to. It's amazing how fast the new laundry adds up. Things get dirty when your moving and add that with your weekly laundry and pretty soon you've created and insane pile.

9. In the living room set up the t.v. and the stand right away. Then you have a place to put the t.v., a place to relax, and a place  to organize all the clutter. There is a lot of it.

10. Try to get one room done completely. Do absolutely everything you can until you can't do anymore. Just having one room finished it makes everything else seem easy.

I sure hope this helps all of you. I'm taking my advice. Life is too short to spend unpacking and cleaning. I'd rather be cooking and decorating.

Happy Valentine's Day,

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  1. We moved into our new home a year ago and I still don't have it the way I want it. These tips for first moving in are great. I think unpacking your kitchen and bedroom are the things you need to do first. Food and sleep rank the highest. Then you can do the rest a little at a time.

  2. I totally agree with you on not feeling comfortable at home until it's clean. Good call about cleaning the closet, never would have thought to do that. Yes the bathroom is always first. I always buy a new toilet seat.

  3. I so agree about doing closets first. It's amazing how many boxes can be emptied with "closet stuff." All of these are good suggestions.

  4. Under kitchen stuff, dont forget to set up the coffee pot!


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