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What's In A Name Anyway ?

I've been a super busy beaver this weekend painting away. In fact, I have painted so much I'm not really sure that I want to paint again anytime soon. For those of you who know me will say something like this, right Valerie that will last like maybe two weeks right? Well probably, maybe, definitely! 

I am up to my ears in paint. Yesterday afternoon while sitting on the couch visiting with a new friend something kept bothering me. My new friend kept saying "I love your new house! The colors are great! What is this like a cappuccino color?" Um yes I said! Cappuccino and Cranberry! There we have it the new name of my little cottage was born... The Cappuccino and Cranberry Cottage! Such a delightful little name for such an adorable little home for my babies and me. Where many new memories are about to be made. I have my very own Cappuccino and Cranberry Cottage! 

I think my new home is just begging for a cranberry wreath!

Now I have snuck away from the painting for long enough. I will check back in soon and start sharing my new pic.'s. 

Until then I encourage you to name your home. It is a big part of who you are.

In the Meantime...

I'm Loving My New Home,

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